(bron: direct music collective)

Dear friends, colleagues, Directors

We would like to present you Virtual Market, the online, free, and permanently updated catalog of Jazz and World Music created in Latin America.

There is not currently, a platform to explore the Latin American Jazz & World Music performers and creators.

Virtual Market is the first on its genre.

We aim to connect directly international programmers with Latin American musicians providing a quick and nice platform to discover, in a single place, a large number of musical proposals with all the necessary information to contact the bands.

Virtual Market is not a booking agency.

Virtual Market will be presented with an event, THE STAGE, to be held on 10, 11, 12, and 13 December, starting every day at 21:00 Chilean Time (19:00 NYC Time)

We will showcase 87 bands from 13 countries.

Sunday 13th will be a CHILEAN OFF, only with Chilean bands + international guests.

We invite you to explore what Latin America is currently doing.. you will be surprised..!

Those of you that can be online at 21:00, will watch directly around 3 hours of music.

However, many of you live in a time zone that makes this timing uncomfortable.

For this reason, the complete presentations will be available every single day from 21:00 (Chilean time). You will be able to watch them at your convenience, at any moment.

The link to watch the transmission will be sent you by mail the same day of the event.

A timing index will be provided, you do not need to watch everything but follow your band or country preferences.

This is all.. we want to make it easy…

I hope that you join us.

Our best regards!

Direct Music Collective