(bron: Visa for Music)

Call for applications is now open!

Registration until April 15, 2021

Rabat will host, on November 17-20, the 8th edition of Visa For Music, a festival and fair for music professionals from Africa and the Middle East.

The call for applications is now open for artists willing to take part in this new edition. The African and Middle Eastern music scenes are vibrant, inspiring, rich and creative. Yet, artists from these regions lack international visibility. It is out of this paradox that Visa For Music was born as a pioneering professional music fair and festival that offers artists a Launchpad to showcase their talents. Visa For Music is an event that celebrates musical creativity by offering a venue for interaction between musicians and music professionals with a view to offering greater visibility to African and Middle Eastern artists.

The festival champions the values inherent to its theme:

“Arts, Culture and Heritage, Levers to Build Africa that we Aspire to,”

which was chosen for this year’s edition by the African Union. The 8th edition will take a hybrid form combining live and virtual concerts, building on a rich experience that started in 2014, as well as the latest 2020 edition, held entirely online. The 8th edition, which will take part at the context of recovery from the health crisis, is a chance to explore cultural priorities and future trends in Africa and the Middle East. Visa For Music also ambitions to maintain its leading role as a key event bringing together artists and professionals of the music industry from across the globe, including record companies, programmers, cultural institutions and foundations, media and trainers, etc.

This year’s edition will feature some thirty artists and music bands from Africa and the Middle East, who will be selected by a jury of prominent figures from the universe of culture and music. Artists who would like to participate are invited to fill-in a form available on Visa For Music website.