(bron: Musicians Without Borders)

In Afghanistan a war takes a sudden turn, and thousands of endangered people try desperately to escape to safer ground. The heartbreaking dramas of people displaced by war are now playing out in real time for all to see. As musicians, artists and activists, how can we engage with the issue of displacement? How can we stand in solidarity with people forced to flee the ravages of war, climate disaster, persecution or poverty?

The Music Leadership Summit focuses on the global refugee crisis and explores how musicians can contribute to the safety and wellbeing of displaced people, while using our platforms to promote humane refugee policies.

From 11 to 15 October, experts, trainers, musicians, and activists from all over the globe will meet in Ede (the Netherlands) for 5 days of creativity, advocacy and skill sharing.


This Summit is for you if: 

  • You’ve had academic-level music training, or an equivalent of informal training,
  • You have experience leading music activities,
  • You currently work with or want to work with displaced people or in an allied field,
  • You’re interested in using music for social change at the grassroots level.
To ensure that our summit can go ahead safely this year, our team has worked on backup options, in case the pandemic situation forces a change of plans.

You can apply until September 3 – that’s this Friday!

Find more information and register for the Music Leadership Summit