Berlin/Lisbon: Piranha Arts, the producers of WOMEX, together with AMG Music, the local partners for this year, confirm the opening of registration for the WOMEX 22 Lisbon edition today. From 19 – 23 October, the WOMEX delegates will embark upon a five-day musical journey in the multi-cultural and beautiful Lisbon. The 28th edition of the event will enable the global music business professionals to come together, engage, network, explore new ideas and formats that are trending internationally, create new opportunities, and share critical insights and practical knowledge to boost the worldwide music economy and regional and international counterparts.

Registrations are available as a five-day package and provide access to the full WOMEX 22 programme. 

  • ExpoMeet and network with all the exhibitors from around the world.
  • Conference (Panels, Networking & Mentoring Sessions, Associated Presentations): Share, exchange, and learn from other music professionals.
  • Showcase concerts and Club Summit: Catch the spotlight on thrilling and upcoming artists and bands from around the globe
  • Film screenings: Watch the latest curated selection of documentaries that portray music, movements and histories from across the world.
  • The WOMEX 22 Opening: Join the Welcome Reception and catch a special Opening programme that introduces you to the new sounds of Lisbon
  • The WOMEX 22 Awards: Attend the final ceremony of the event celebrating the recipients of the WOMEX Artist Award and WOMEX Professional Excellence Award.
  • One-year access to virtualWOMEX: Connect and reach out 24X7 On virtualWOMEX

The deadline for Smart Rate is Friday 24 June 2022. For more information on WOMEX 22 Registration, visit our website.

WOMEX is the most crucial meeting in the global music scene and the most diverse music meeting worldwide. The event remains devoted to facilitating and promoting the global music industry and providing a platform to connect, inspire and share experiences, enabling new networks, partnerships across transcontinental markets and an open economic and international cultural dialogue.